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  • Greetings Surenas
    I have interacted with a lot of users and have seen a lot of change, but you are the most astonishing
    What happened Surenas that changed your mind?
    I remember that 6 years ago you would consider Hezbollah worse than MEK and you would cheer for Netanyahu.
    It was the west imperialistic policies that changed your worldview?
    True, and the more you pay attention to their subversive policies the more you realise their maligning ideology.

    And the worse of them all is not the westerners, it is the low life sellouts that support them, truly abhorrant.
    I don't expect much from the majority of people, they easily fell to propaganda! Propaganda is the west's greatest weapon and people are easy prays, the murderer becomes the hero and filthy separatists human right advocates!!

    This photo has always stuck with me

    Don't even have the courtesy to change the pic.
    داداش بیکاری اینجا با عربا دعوا می کنی؟ ما بهتره کار خودمونو بکنیم نم هم پس ندیم این چیزا زیر سر ماست
    best films :
    action: saving private Ryan
    comedy : Harold loid films + get smart
    and a beautiful mind and inception :)
    we are not secular or even liberal , this two have alot of problem indeed , if every one be free to do what ever he want then there will be chaos in the country , just like western countries , we have our own ideas , and about those who were in tehran and were destroying everything , they are NOT really want freedom, they just want sex in street so i tell them : **** off .... when they hit my cousin because he had facial hair , so they don't want freedom , because even in liberalism it is said that : everyone is free till he doesn't hurt other freedom , but they just want their idea , and police did the best , 40,000 people ? lol even is syriua there are about 15000 kills , lol , you just say blah blah blah ...
    hi, look i just want to say onething , you have your own ideas , it's 100% ok , but don't say every iranian have these ideas ....thanks
    Not perfect no. I think I live to long here in Holland. :P

    I'm gonna look if I can see whats wrong.
    فارسيت خوب نيست؟
    سايت شيلتر شكني كه دادي فيس بوك رو باز ميكنه اما يوتيوب رو نه
    بازم سراغ داري
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