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  • "how the hell one could use surname Syed and be a jew considering Pakistani cannot migrate to Israel usless he belonged to the Jew disporsa."

    Thanks for catching this. I whited-out the offending paragraph - would have preferred to use the strikeout function, but it doesn't work in PDF's implementation of BBcode.
    What will be the Impact on Middle East if USA, Russia, China & India backs Israel

    I opened a thread on World Affairs Please post your comment, It’s Research Journalism
    I like ur posts.. Even though its harsh sometimes. continue the good work.
    China has even sidelined american concerns saying the reactors will be in full compliance of IAEA. Indian wet dreaming should stop now..mardana kamzoori ho jaye ge!

    Oye Bozo
    U think vegetarian Daal khor are strong to begin with ?

    hahahaha !
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