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  • dont write mei write to you?, are you such a fcuking retarded??, you are littering my profile with your rubbish sh1t, n how am i suppose to deal with your garbage??

    wannabe football fan?, do i require a germy idiot blessings n holy guidance for becoming a "registered fan"?? did u invented football?? did germies did??
    i said you want my dick???, i didnt say i like people sucking my dick, infact i kick their arse as if they are anything like homos
    i have more idea of football than your mother, capish??

    why fcukin you keep commenting on my profile, can you such stay on the football thread, you want my dick or something??
    Ja, ich war echt auch vorher schon aufgeregt wie ein kleines Kind an Weihnachten und dann nach dem Tor und dem Sieg so erleichtert, dann noch Party bis 5 uhr morgens! :D
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