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  • hahaha...I always support Brazil in football matches..:)
    anyways ur name is a typical Hindu name here..and thats y i asked..cheers
    Indeed, I too was very sad to hear this, the man has not only brought shame to his family but to our nation(Again). Nobody says that he is a naturalised US citizen of Pakistani origin, instead all the TV channels refer to him as a Pakistani.
    Not only this but others are also cashing in on this situation, for example I was reading an article written by an Indian author which said that Pakistan breeds extremists such as Kasab and Faisal because it's ideology(Islam) is a flawed one. It pains me to see such comments and makes me wonder why these people fail to think of what the consequences will be of their actions.
    Instead of glorifying Islam, they are distorting it and making it uglier by the day......................................Hope to see an end to this soon.
    "Ich bin fein" du meinst dir geht es auch gut? ;) "für deine Betonung" du meinst "Erholung" ;) Meditation ist nicht so mein Ding, aber ich werde mich schon irgendwie ausruhen.
    Salam Dear Friend,
    I have been exceptionally busy for quite sometime and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, so please do not mind if I am unable to reply to your messages.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up, do you remember the article posted by Fundamentalist that we argued against ? The one which glorified the Taliban ? Well, it's author Col(r).Imam, along with his friend Khalid Khwaja(Both vehement supporters of militancy) and a British Journalist of Pakistani descent were abducted by a previously unknown group called "Asian Tigers." From what we know till now, it is a group that is made by collaboration between the top militant groups functioning in Pakistan. They demanded the release of important Taliban commanders in return for the hostages from the government. Their demands were ignored and so the militants implicated Khwaja to be involved in the Red Mosque operation and killed him, there is a similar threat to the life of the other two hostages, just goes to show what you can expect if you support Bastards like these guys.......
    Convey my regards to family aswell..........
    Oh. Dats great mate. .yup. Hinduism has become extremely popular in west nowdays. In pune there is osho rajnish ashram ,u will find thousands of west ppl worshpng krishna. Same goes to iskon temple chain all over da world. . One example. The great american openheimer who made atomic bomb 4 america. Right after first nuclear test said. He remember gita and. Quoted now i have become death..the great say of krishna..
    Hmm. Great mate. Rly like ur post signature about gita.u seems to be interestd in ancient epics.
    Well put dear friend, religion is indeed a personal matter and should not be allowed to interfere with discussion regarding other subjects. I too hope that this feeling of paranoia can be cured soon.
    The day we start interacting with the international community without a frown on our face or a complaint on our tongue, I am pretty sure the international community will also accept us as important contributors to the world.
    Well, the fact that international members represent their respective countries is the very reason why they find themselves under fire, I have noticed that the people tend to take their frustrations regarding that country out on members belonging to that country. On an individual level however, people do not face any such attacks, even Jews who visit are just told "We have problems with your country's policies, not you".
    I just hope that this felling of paranoia will fade overtime and visitors will again flock to our country.
    The interaction with foreigners will help heal this apprehensive attitude as well.
    When I joined the forum, I started a discussion saying that Pakistan should drop the J-10B project in favour of the Chinese J-XX project, i.e: J-13/J-14, to counter the imbalance between the air forces of Pakistan and India since India is acquiring fifth generation FGFAs. I expected to be met with approval, however my topic was met with alot of criticism, the fact that I put it accidentally in the "Land Forces" section allowed more people to heckle me. Then I was labelled an Indian and a traitor, I was told I deserved to be shot and that I was unworthy of my flag. That hurt and I'm pretty sure none of the guys would say that on my face but the fear of the unknown, in this case a stranger posting a controversial article about your country incites people to defend themselves and their territory, often at the cost of other's pride. This is probably why foreigners are met with a somewhat hostile attitude.
    The volatile situation in Pakistan just helps make the response more harsher as people tend to take out all their frustration and pin their problems on the stranger.
    This is probably the cause of the behaviour you face as a European on the forum.
    The people of Pakistan are complex to say the least, love them and they repay ten fold, show them aggression and they will return that ten fold too.
    People who have visited my country have found it to be enchanting and the people to be most hospitable. People like Chuck Yeagar remember their days in Pakistan as their finest and people like Dr.Ursula Schmitz and George Fulton even chose to settle here. But, like I said there is the other side, there is great hatred among the people for Israel, due to their treatment of Palestinians, Russia for supporting India during 1971 and the Afghan Occupation and recently towards the U.S because of the harsh sanctions they imposed on Pakistan after the Soviets left, many people felt they had been exploited.
    You will be surprised to know that there isn't that much hatred for India, in fact, according to a survey held by the Jang Group of Newspapers, 77% of Pakistanis want peace with India.
    Of course there are other random incidents that incite hatred and rage among the people, for example when the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) were reprinted over and over again in European Newspapers, there were widespread strikes, many violent mobs attacked foreign buildings.
    Although I was against such practices of Arson but I was very angry at the cartoonist and would have leapt at the chance to kill him myself, even today I do not eat danish products.
    Pakistanis are basically a misunderstood people, we used to suffer at a rate of 3 suicide attacks per week yet still people called us the terrorists, so that creates negative feelings among the people.
    When the situation improves, I would like to invite you for a visit, I hope that day will come soon, and I will be able to show you why this country used to be called the Land of Hospitality.
    I am really sorry to hear about the kind of treatment you have received by my brethren and on their part I would like to apologize for it. I especially find the fact that your religion was insulted to be quite disturbing and out right disgusting. I have studied four Hindu scriptures, namely Vedas, Mahabharata, Ramayan and Rigveda and found Hinduism to be a very interesting subject.
    In a nutshell, all religions seek the same goal for their followers, a peaceful and prosperous life, and an even more prosperous afterlife.
    Your views on Afghanistan are dead accurate, it was the very portrayal of the fighters as "Holy Combatants" that still draws people towards the Taliban and their violent culture. I for one myself used to be a die hard supporter of the Taliban even after 9/11 however, as I mentioned before, the mounting terror incidents in my country, my meetings with Afghans who had seen their persecution first hand and subsequently my transfer to Bajaur taught me in the rudest way possible that there was nothing holy nor divine about these barbaric animals.
    It is very nice to share views with you as you discuss like an intellectual, your words are full of wisdom and your point of view is always rock solid.
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