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  • ah that new guy, I just dont get it where they pop up from... I usually ignore them, they bark and then disappear till they are called in again to do the duty of calling others traitors and what not... they dont even have the arguments to start with....just laugh and ignore... what good is a forum if its not giving a chance for constructive discussions? very rightly said that its always what is being said that matters, but not who is saying... #wellsaid
    hey-- one of the moderator is after you... he is very sensitive to issues... although I dont agree with the view of Kamran Shafi that it should be closed, as its quite fun to watch, and it should not be taken seriously either... even if the trade ties grow, this should be kept aside from it...
    its around 30000 Rs here in pakistan isnt it?
    anyways thanks, will check out.

    by the way, any reviews for Nikkon L120??
    oh very well put it in the thread "political culture of pakistan" about who is politician, that is representatives, not these feudal lords, or creepy business elite...
    All's good, I was just busy with work and other personal matters.

    I should be on a bit from now on.
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