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  • oh kz..i have a friend who studied in JNU..his thinking is same like you ;)..pissed a lot of people because of that :D ..he was with me in my hostel during graduation..after that he joined JNU...
    So in effect ur saying...media is the govt mouth piece and condemns Maoist violence while the Human rights activists are Maoist mouth pieces and condemn only security force violence

    Then y r they saying Human rights activists,.they can change their name to Maoist rights activists.If then say Human righst its for all....Maoists,CRPF and civilians.

    And that A Roy was telling that day that Govt is to blamed for Maoists killing civilians..Maoists can do no wrong...OMG...

    And today did u c the derailing of tyhe train by those murderers killing abt 70 civilians....My blood boils.
    but that day i couldn see any NGO's taking rallys or humanrights activists giving intereviews aor the famous A.roy writing articles condemning the Maoists...
    Is it that only the Maoists are humans..?the security forces or the civilians are not..?
    Hypocrisy to the core.
    Hi wats ur take on todays event of blasting away a civilia bus carrying 35 u narmed civilians by the Maoists just becaus some POLICE OFFICERS WERE THER IN THAT..?
    lolz yes you have to ... ;-) good luck with that..i am sloppy with the responsibility :p
    lolz i said because considering the leaders in Kerala he was a much better man..
    no problem ..you are a fan of socialism?heard about jyoti basu??so sad huh?
    If only i knew what contnuous accusation means i wd have resorted of that!!
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