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  • The more they resist, the more better we (PTI) gets. I'm so excited to hear this news - Imran did mentioned this in his show with Lucman last night. I wish them my heartiest best luck.
    Jub koi meri birth place ke khilaf kuch kahta hai tu mera khoon khoolnay lagta hai khas tor pe jub kahnay wala pakistani hi ho.
    Well said, lakin yar ye baat mein ne kai logon mein dekhi hai. why the hell they hate lahore?
    Marvi memon reminds me so much of Shaykh Rashid = Too much talk but no action...lol....also they havn't done anything big for pak while in poweri; im just making this prediction that they'd be the last ones to join lol i dont even know why ppl like marvi tbh...shes just a cute face with a big mouth
    I'm good leader been really busy for the last couple of weeks. Yeah true but lets just wait till it happens. For now i have my fingers crossed.
    yar Rawlakot ka kuch keh nai sakta mein khudh Islamabad hun . but inn dinu jitni sardi hai i am sure k wahan snow hu gi
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