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  • 2013 is the year of Civil War in Pakistan...Fasicsts, Liberal fascists, Criminals, Corrupt, feudal, religious fanatics, uniform guys, hypocrites, Amreeki pithoz shall be defeated by the hands of Moderate & Righteous forces. Allama Iqba.

    what does allama iqbal has to do with this??
    Salam brother... I"m in Lahore for couple of weeks on an official visit. Hope we'll get a chance to meet.
    Wsalam... totally my pleasure dear. You could even see he postponed his visit to Turkey just because he had planned going for Umrah. Anyway it was a must needed Umrah for his bashers to shut them up but the only worry for me now is the senate elections and Zardari becoming the President once again and it's effects on coming general elections.
    salam bro, ur signature talks about a civil war in pak in 2013 but than moderate people would restore it, predicted by alama iqbal. is that true or just made up any source where does it say this.
    Seriously we are very lucky to have Imran khan, who taught this generation to dream.... believe me, he has broken this stagnation in our lives, and InshAllah we will witness "the Change" in this and upcoming generations, whose sole credit would go to Imran Khan by any book written after a century or so.
    The above excerpt from you is a master-piece and very nicely put. Bless you brother, I needed that click, that small click where my mind was stuck and I couldn't comprehend what I'm looking for, it was always there in my mind but couldn't brought it into my imagination. You don't know what you just wrote brother, it means a great deal to me - you've opened the horizons of my imagination with this small piece. Bravo brother, bless you.
    Okay I just finished watching that show and I've only one thing to say... Javed Hashmi is a diamond in the hands of Imran. I enjoyed his responses very much. Kamran did his part as he was foretold by Hashmi to put tough questions and he did mentioned at the end of a promise Shahbaz Sharif had made 1.5 years ago. He requested Nawaz and Shahbaz both to come and face such an open grunt by the people too. Overall Nooners were pathetic in their way of putting up the questions but Hashmi Sb made them shut and as usual started doing Naray Baazi... why can't our people see who is right and who is wrong? What had they (PMLN/PPP) done in the past 20 years that people are still after them? I believe these politicians are in consultation with some black-magic masters who made their followers dumb and blind for them. I feel sorry for these people yaar, and pray to Allah SWT that they be put on the right path. Amen
    Okay brother i'll watch it, but why Kamran Shahid is doing so, is he a PMLN or PPP stooge or what? Imran challenged Nawaz and Zardari and anyone from any party to sit with him in a talk show face to face, let's see who accepts the challenge.

    My cousin is a General Physician by profession and is serving in Pakistan Customs as a Doctor, also a Professor in a Medical college, and doing his business in Dubai and Malaysia. According to him, being an MNA/MPA is a post of utmost responsibility with no chance of compromising on a single thing, and with his busy schedule it'd be almost impossible for him to leave everything. He is an honest and influential person and that's why was approached by IK, he welcomed IK's stance and took the responsibility of being an advisor with a promise that to provide 3-people who can PTI provide a party ticket. I'm still trying hard to convince him somehow to run for the MNA/MPA seat himself. Let's see how it goes.
    No I didn't happen to watch that show - but hay bro, what else could be expected from Middle fail politicians. I watched IK on Capital Talk though and I loved it so much. It is always an amusement to watch IK speaking - it has such a soothing effect on your ears and heart. Anyway, my cousin was approached by IK 3-months ago but he refused to go for an MNA/MPA (on my continuous requests too) seat just because of his busy life, but alternatively joined PTI as an Advisor to the provincial committee of PTI, and boy I've got so much of inside news - the provincial committee listens to him.
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