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  • I had been to Lahore for a while so couldn't get a chance to see you. May be next time Insha'Allah. Anyway, I like you gave some spanking replies to Zakki which resulted in closure of the thread. lol. Shall we file a new thread in protest since the letter hasn't been proved fake?

    Did you heard about the split between Nawaz and Shahbaz over the future leader of the party Hamza and Maryam?
    Salam Bro,

    How are you and loved ones? It's been a while we didn't chat. I hope you're doing well.

    Hello Dear,
    have started a new Babur Cruise Missile Database thread in Pakistan Strategic Forces section.


    this is inspired from ANTIBODY's idea of JF-17 Information Pool. A thread not meant for arguing or debate but just to collect all useful and relevant data regarding the system under one umbrella.
    Kindly do take time and check this out.

    Looking forward for some useful contribution from your side as well

    Best Regards!
    Arsalan Aslam
    I need screen shots of Nusrat Javaid abusing people on twitter. Do you still have that shots?
    Hey man ... I wanted to ask you something!!! Do you know the procedure of voting from USA? Like suppose , if I want to vote PTI from here than what do I have to do ...How can I 'register' my vote? Is there any information? Kindly please tell me!!!! PTI can get alot of votes from here !!! Just give me some information about it...

    yar pehlay final exam thay woh shukar hai pass hu gaya but in dinu wards and ward tests nay zindagi azab banayi huwi iis wajah say PDF par koi khas time nai dey pa raha.

    My Leader
    Teaching Cricket to a Baltistani boy (in his words). One of the most stylish pics I ever came across.
    A rare collection of pics scanned from the books "Warrior Race" and "Indus Journey", both written by Imran Khan but unfortunately not available anymore. I hope others will enjoy them as much as i have. Spent some time scanning all these rare gems, for others to enjoy. I wish these books are re-printed and we can all have our hands on original books!!

    Pic for u
    well i am going to buy it for sure now... and a good one ... will tell you soon in sha ALLAH about the camera and work
    Salam Bro.. M fine ..thank u ..what about you ?..

    Yaar photography main kartha hon par tum yaqeen nai karo ge keh woh b apne cell phone se.. yaar aik tu acha camera hai b nai mere pass..khareedna chahta hon par pata nai keh konsa acha hai konsa nai. .. jo b koi achi se jaga ati hai...acha sa scene hota cell phone se pic le laita hon.Spent almost two years in Northern areas specially war and flood effected areas. took alot of picz but on cell phone so the pic quality is not that good...in main se b kuch pic main ne liye hain par ziada tar collection hai...
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