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  • Yeah take your time...I'm going to dose off for a few hours anyhow ! Yes, I'm agnostic but I'm also a Muslim and yes I can see the apparent 'contradiction' though I don't prescribe to it. My agnosticism is 'I don't know'. Period.
    As I said, Solomon. What GNI takes into account is very irrelevant to what I was posting out in the thread we were having a debate.
    By the way, Solomon. That gender equality data you sent me, looks it in a very awkward way. For example, gender growth? What has that got to do with equality. You should look at stuff like women in government, compare Pakistan's 21% to Iran's 2%.
    Most Secular countires are not peaceful just look at South American and also look at many African countries and also look at the crime rate in USA Sir it is far higher than many Muslim countries
    I have actually heard 2 stories from the prophets life where he is extremely compassionate. In the beginning when he used to go to the Mosque to read the Namaz, he had to pass by an old woman's house who hated his thinking.. Everyday she would throw her garbage over him just as he passed ..and he would smile and dust everything off, walk on. One day she did not throw anything and he asked her something like "Whats wrong today?" ...and another incident where someone wanted to pee while the namaz was being read in the mosque, so he pee'd in a corner of the mosque ...all the men who saw this were about to beat him up with sticks, but Muhammed stopped them, told them its not his fault and he even started cleaning it up himself... but we remember only what we want to. Selective understanding is the cause of most of todays issues.
    Oh, You have changed the name! that is why I can not find my challenging friend s19. Hiiim, Solomon was a wise man. Good choice!
    Thanks !
    I am a Indian Hindu, I love my muslim neighbours & many muslim friends I have. I always had very high regards for Islam
    But I am learning new version of Islam from PDF members.
    Secularism is the biggest crap and biggest lie and it has no values they have taken values from Religion this concept was given by know frauds and thieves of their time and is resulting in growth of every kind of evil in this world
    Whatever rocks your boat, Russian ! But don't flatter yourself into thinking that I'd actually be 'insulted' by the ramblings of one such as your esteemed self. Good day to you !
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