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    June 7, 2002

    Squadron Leader Zulfiqar and Squadron Leader Afzal (GIBS) of No. 9 MR Sqn destroy an intruding UAV (Searcher-II) of IAF on the night of 7th June, 2002, during Ops Sentinel. This was the first kill of a UAV by any fighter aircraft in the world.
    for every body who have interest in knowing me i should make my self clear so u can what kind of human being u r communicating with
    am a lady of wealth and taste am elegant and more sophisticated then u think.
    I am just a simple girl, who Loves her family and friends. Life is the most amazing thing in the world. Funny how things work out. People come and go. In love if it was meant to be ALMIGHTY will help in path's crossing again. My faith keeps me going, one day at a time. I have lived and loved but the one I lost is the one I miss the most. One word to my friend, my love .

    i m an avid lover of music. read a lot; luv to pencil sketch..like to keep up to date with current affairs..... usually am a loner but like keeping in contact with a select few that i connect to...have no fuss about life ...i like to keep it as simple as possible... my life revolves around my loved ones...that is all there is to know about me...
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