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  • Hey, are you interested in editing and writing information on Pakistan Defence? If yes, i will put you in to see the special section where this stuff is going on.
    sir salam, you where saying about the jf-17 that the upgrades are false? from wiki soo it wont adapt some stealthy feautures
    No problems - but just ignore such posts, report them and continue like they don't exist. Some people want a reaction, and when they don't get it they just tire out and quit.
    Yep, Pakistanis worry too much about Military issues and Indian's are obsessed with Pakistan's Defense so they pop up here to start their dick measuring contests.I personally think after induction of Block52/J10/JF-17 PAK skies will be safe for at least 1 decade!
    Too many Indian trolls here.The fact that they say that MKI is superior to any other jet except F22 is ridicolous.I mean F16 Block60 with AESA Radar or F15 with AESA Radar and even Block52 with good pilot can take out SU30MKI any day in the week.
    I'm studying BSc Renewable Energy at Exeter University's Cornwall Campus. Exeter does have a UOTC but that was too far away on the main Streatham campus.
    Hi! My pic is actually from NFS:Pro Street.Its a really nice game, you should try it. :)
    Hey dude I joined the TA because my university didn't have a UOTC but its been a very good experience. My father was in the RAF so I grew up as a "forces brat" and it was a good lifestyle.
    Salam Do you Know That how to promote my rank from 2nd lieutnent to upper ranks i think by writting a post we can do this but i don't know how to write the post please help me out.thanks
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