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  • i am fine thanx. but last few months were very very very turching for me coz one fake and fraud person who had cheated 22 female rather 22 families in my dear home land PAKISTAN. beast like him should be punished. he must be expos infront of wprld and i am doing this for human lives. but i am alone in this mission. so ........................ lets hope for the best. pray for my ..............
    Hello, you are the first person becoming my friend at this forum. Let me thank you to have added me in your member list. By the way what are your activities related with your studies?
    actully i am from rahim yar khan but a huge number of my family members are in isa khel and also in mianwali and the reason of love is the loving and statefowered atetude of the pepole of this area.
    what are you doing job or any thing els
    best wishes for you becaus i love the persons how belong to mianwali or isakhel becaus this is my forefathers land
    Hi, thanx for visiting my page, i am happy to see someone from the same bloodline, plz visit my website when u have time to spare, its www.abbaskhanniazi.8m.com, u can also E-Mail me my IDs are abbas_niazi@hotmail.com and abbas_niazi2003@yahoo.com
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