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  • Van persie will be gone... Not too happy about Podolski signing.. Then again i trust Arsene. He has this ability to get the best out of his players.. He had made some good ones out of average players.. Hope this one goes that way as well.. Btw.. Leeds han? you guys deserve to be in top league.. hope the glory days comes back again..
    Haaahaaa ! Give my regards to Bhabi and to Aryan, Mrs.B and the kiddos ! And yeah Shab-e-khair !
    Can't pm you, but as i earlier said i have no hard feelings, you are still one of the posters with whom i like to interact with....i understand why you got defensive and all since i have been dealing with these trolls and its dealt screw up the mind.......Peace
    I know, Kaif bhai ! I've got a few extended family members over there who lost their son (a 15 year old lad) in an anti-India protest ! I think it would be safe to say that they're probably not going to reconcile to the idea of a Kashmir as part of the Indian Union. But there are elements over there who don't really want to be a part of Pakistan and as ethnic Kashmiri myself that pains me to hear that ! Because with all our warts and blemishes, with all our shortcomings and corruptions, have at least stood by the Kashmiris when no one else did and this is how they repay that loyalty ! Again I say that it pains me to see chants for Independence instead of Joining Pakistan !
    Bro, I was waiting for your reply on 'Kashmir' and whether Pakistan should have banked everything on it the way we did especially considering that many Kashmiris in IOK don't even want to be a part of Pakistan !
    Like I said I'm glad to hear that...I really am ! Its just that I often wonder that Pakistan hasn't done so much damage to herself for Kashmir; we've fought for it on every International Forum, we struck up a never-ending rivalry with India over Kashmir and we've neglected so many of our own people for Kashmir (the people of GBs are tired of this and they'd much rather be the 5th Province of Paksitan) and yet as per most surveys the Kashmiris themselves want Independence from both Pakistan and India....heck some of their guys even called in the Indian Army in '65 and Kargil ! So I often wonder whether the Kashmirs (us) were worth it ? Whether Pakistan should have asked the Kashmiris to fight their own battles and to not involve us ?
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