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  • cartman is my favourite character in southpark :D. He represents me in real life(except for the fat part) :P
    Boltu vaia,
    Online-a ashle knock koiren.

    PDF a amar page nea ja bola hoitese seta jukti-jukto na.

    It was posted by a fan to this page "Defence power of Bangladesh"

    Just click the link once-twice-or more... Then see it carefully a fan(Araman Munshi) posted this photo to that page...

    Page's admin didn't posted this....

    Ami mone hoy je aapni bepar ta bujhte parsen.
    Please, ami aapnake request kortesi je, ae bepartar ektu extra take care niben.
    Ami PDF a reply disi, aapnara amake ektu shomorthon dan...
    PDF a aapni ekjon senior member...tai aapnake request kortesi...
    Please help me.

    - Jami .
    Thanks mate and of course I ll take good care of her:)

    I don't hate Bangladesh, how can I, my better half is one and my Dida was from Dhaka. I just hate people who hate India(its only natural), too many anti Indian Bangladeshis here on PDF. They bring India and blame India for everything that goes on in Bangladesh, gets on the nerves sometimes.

    Thanks again though, take it easy.
    Hi dude, I like your posts, keep posting. May not agree with you all the time but that's the backbone of a pluralist society, that people can live peacefully with disagreement, you are a very sensible poster. To be honest sometimes we end up trolling here in a brownie point scoring contest, (I myself have my troll mode on these days :P) but keeping that aside it's fun to read your posts. Cheers !!!
    Ok..but Bangladesh has borders with 2 countries India and Myanamar and if Awami league has good relations with India why do people see it in a negative way? plus why doesn awami league have a bad image now?
    Yes it is very very important for our North east but reading the views of some people i felt that all Bangladeshis are against any business investment by India in Bangladesh
    Thanks for the detailed reply :)

    See i believe whatever problems we have we can sort out..there is not a single issue between India and Bangladesh which cannot be solved peacefully.Common Indians dont think bad about Bangladeshis.In the forum also due to the negative reaction some Bangladeshis show towards India irritates Indians and then they give negative comments on Bangladesh...otherwise we have nothing wrong for you and its very wrong to say that India will start war...no it wont..no one thinks like that..i believe we should have a good relation then only people from both country can benifit and this will result after solving all issues and having good trade.
    Nah i want to know your thoughts :)

    From what i gathered in this forum i see that Bangladeshis dont have a liking for India for various reasons like BSF killings etc and some of them seem genuine too like i would say that sometimes BSF is not doing its duty properly and all.

    I would like to know from you..a Bangladeshi..that what are the other reasons why your countrymen dont like India and i want to understand the root of this hatred..
    Well... I have just checked. For business cost is almost same for every place. For engineering graduate degree cost is less. Though cost in University of Toronto and University of British Columbia is around 5000 Cad higher then University of Alberta or University of Calgary.

    Uni of Toronto


    university of British Columbia


    University of Alberta


    University of Calgary

    Lol... its first time for every one. Definitely you will find more bengali/deshi people in Toronto or Montreal but part time job opportunities will be low.But for undergrad you wont be able to manage much time for part time. It can be compensated during summer time. Economy of Ontario is little cool right now but in Alberta n Saskatchewan it is booming. So you will have to take decision wisely considering your budget, future plan etc.
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