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  • Jailer bhai asslam walikum. Kya yaar tum abhi bhi yahi tike pade ho..?? Shaadi wadi nahi hui kya abhi tak jo yaha timepass karte rehte ho.. lol

    Aur sunao bhai jaan kya haal chaal?? Hyderabad me to sab thik hai na ghar pe??
    Hello,it's really nice to be friends with you.I always regard your posts very highly.
    SR 71.
    Ahlan wasahlan merhaba... yh u r right regarding that thread, well they dont know **** abt saudia and they gona say its bad just because they watch too much bbc and cnn... but we know the truth... Yallah lets make them suffer...
    thanks bro..i am ek dum jhakas :D .. no action brother, mostly for reading ..kinda lazy typing now :) ... ce you around ...byez
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