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  • Yeah mate. I couldn't believe what I saw here. Trolling and flaming is the order of the day and its unmoderated and my decent posts are called trolls.
    Enemy of Allah, Friend of Zion!!! rich man rich.

    Now we also have zionist Indian Muslims :)... only us hindus wanted that title :)

    The poeple here who'll have a fit if u started quoting sanskrit are the same ppl who wanna claim the IVC and the digit Zero as pakistani accomplishments :)
    hee hee hee hee, u make me laugh man!!! hee hee hee

    pls pls pls if u do start posting again, pls pls pls use some sanskrit terms... its gonna be like acid for some intellectually challenged ppl :)

    but pls if they insult u, pls don't get mad and get banned again. we love u sid :)
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